How did you afford an Apple Mac air? Is it pay mostly or something I really want one for uni 2!

I got my macbook pro student discount for £859…Don’t know if this is a real ask or not. I hate tumblr.

Fuck Tumblr.

I wasted my life on here so much. 

Some people on here are class though. For that I am thankful.

But people said they cared about my life and as soon as I stop posting nobody cared. LOL


my new years resolution is for everyone else to gain 50 pounds

this could work

Tumblr used to be such a big part of my life

Oh God I was a loser.

Sometimes I think I might come back to tumblr

Nobody seems to have missed me or been worried that I don’t post anymore



A new banner at #WatfordFC today

I am in this picture. Lol.


A new banner at #WatfordFC today

I am in this picture. Lol.


I wish.

Man I really love Uni so much

Not a massive fan of one of my modules but aside from that I love my course, tutors and lecturers are all great, my group could be better but some decent enough people in it. 

Love my room, love my flatmates, love my halls mates, we’ve got a small block of just 4 flats so it’s so cute and little and we’re all really close.


Not that anybody cares tbh

a guy told me today that he could tell I was from near the london area

Which is strange really

If anyone randomly walks into my room anytime soon I’mma look a right cunt

dancing around to the vaccines like a total mug

orlandoweaks said: they dont want the d no more

the fuck happened eh

lol remember when people on tumblr talked to me and stuff and I was fairly popular

Lol I’ve made a really bad impression to people that I’m really common and chavvy but I’m really not

I live in a village ffs

Woo I look funney as per

Woo I look funney as per